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Jan. 31st, 2017



I absolutely forgot about my LJ profile! Is anyone still around?

Jul. 20th, 2012



Most people are afraid of change plain and simple. Yeah there might be some people who can be changed by others but the vast majority of people will fight change whether it’s good or bad. My bf and I have tried to help friends and family with problems with their lives only to be attacked and rejected by these same people. Well, enough. You ask for our help and accept it and work with us or don’t ask for our help at all. We are not miracle workers with plenty of money and time on our hands to fiddle around with everyone’s problems.

That is why we’ve decided from this point on to work on helping ourselves get ahead in this world and everyone else comes second. After all you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first. Maybe it seems selfish but if you knew what crap we’ve been through you’d understand. We are sick of it. We are not getting ahead this way at all. We are helping everyone else get ahead while we still remain where we are. Well, that’s gonna change.


I ain't no silly organic food ho...

No. I am not going organic at all. I actually find this new organic craze annoying more than anything. It’s just a ploy by various companies in this country to make more money by playing to the masses by making them think they are saving the planet.

Why didn’t these companies do this years ago if it was so good for the planet? And why do I have to pay more to save the planet? I know that some people have said that it costs more to make/distribute/grow these various things in order to make them safe which is why all of it costs more. Again, sorry, but that’s total BS! They want you to believe that when in truth they just see a cash cow.

I will laugh my ass off if 5 or 10 years down the road (If the Mayans are wrong) it gets reported that many of these organic foods or products weren’t as organic as we were led to believe, and they didn’t help save any part of the planet.

I am not against saving the planet and doing my part. But there’s a fine line you can’t cross in attempting to save anything. You have to be realistic and proactive. Waiting till the planet is in trouble is almost too little too late. Yeah, you can help slow down the process and maybe correct a few issues. But for the most part you’ve changed things but not the overall situation. We should of been saving the planet back in the 70′s which would mean a healthy planet today.


Oh now you've lost me...Try again later

The Occupy Movement was doing alright back when it first gained attention and back then it appeared as though it might actually work. Back then it was cool and gave people hope and dreams of a better future. But then just like that people stopped caring. Some of it is due in part to the media downplaying the movement as nothing and our political leaders just simply ignoring it.

While people do not like the direction the country is going and what our so-called leaders are doing. They are also unwilling to really do anything about it all which is why the Occupy movement has seemingly gone quiet. It’s not like they’ve gone away entirely. It’s just they’ve lost everyone’s attention.

I am not against the movement. So there’s no need to leave hateful comments or hate-mail. I’m actually in full support of it and everything it stands for. It’s just the people behind it I’m disappointed in. They had a good thing going but they allowed the pressure from the haters and the government to wear them down and for the most part it worked.

So where does that leave the movement then? Good question. It stands a chance if people would snap out of it and fight for what’s actually right once again. All I see are people blogging about the movements work in the world and then I turn on the news and I still don’t see what they are talking about.

Get with it people or give it up! Lets get this thing going or lets just accept the way things are and be done with it. Lord knows we’d probably all lead happier lives that way.



Double standard.

Unfortunately there’s way too many laws in this country that are double standard laws. It’s alright for one group of people to get away with something while everyone else has to follow the rules or else!

For instance I’m referring to seat belt and helmet laws in many states. It seems like it’s perfectly acceptable for bikers to run around without helmets while every automobile occupant has to wear a seat belt. Sure a car weighs more, is larger and presents a greater danger to everyone. But it’s not like motorcycles are light as feathers either. And as crazy as some of these motorcyclist’s drive I don’t have any sympathy when they are involved in accidents. In many ways they deserve it and yet they seem to just be allowed to get away with it repeatedly.

And I understand that some state lawmakers have some common sense and have insisted that bikers wear helmets in their states. But unfortunately there’s way too many states that cater to motorcyclist’s. I’m sorry but where’s the fairness? Why do they have the right to get away with something while the rest of us get into trouble? OK, so they are taking their lives into their hands by not wearing a helmet and that’s true. But it still grates on my nerves to see them around town riding without helmets.

What’s worse is law firms have apparently started catering to bike riders and therefore that makes everyone else’s insurance rates go up! You can definitely see that fairness and common decency went out the window long time ago!!


Trying something new......Lets see..

I haven’t been gardening for very long so many things are still new to me. Well the house we just bought has a mini garden the last owners left. Well apparently they let it just grow wild and so it’s a mess. They grew many other vegetables over time but apparently this year they just stuck to onions and strawberries.

And even though I am no pro gardener I can tell they did it wrong. The soil, the site and the size of the bed itself is all wrong! So, I’ll probably tear it all up and start over from scratch, maybe. It’ll give me something to do anyways while I look for work so there I go!

So as you see the bed itself isn’t that big but it’s certainly doable. I might get rid of some of the strawberries and either pot them up or just throw them out and grow other things as well. Time will tell what I do. Since I live next door to Home Depot’s garden center lord knows what I might end up growing this year!

Watch out!


Sad state of affairs and I'm needing a vacation

We should all be united in this country. There should never be a point when we are all against each other. But that’s living in la-la land. Unfortunately I’ve lost damn near all respect for so many Americans. It seems like all they do is keep making the same mistakes repeatedly while learning absolutely nothing from those mistakes or the past in general.

They whine about how terrible the Republicans are and yet they keep voting for them. The way I see it they need to stop whining about the Republicans if they are going to continue voting for them. If these same idiot voters can’t see the truth to the Republican lie’s then they have nobody to blame but themselves for voting these liars into office repeatedly.

And it doesn’t matter what some fresh-faced Republican politician says because it’s all the same lies. You change the politician but not the lies. OK, so Democrats lie too that’s true. But when you compare Republicans and Democrats the outcome is always the same. Republicans just come out as the nastier bunch I’m not sorry for that opinion.

Nothing will get better in this country as long as we keep giving these Republicans the benefit of the doubt and our votes. I mean seriously if we stopped listening to them and therefore voting for them they’d have to change their tactics and views to get attention back! But again we listen to them, we vote for them and so nothing ever changes!

It’s our own fault, not theirs!



So last night I found myself a little bored and since nothing else was on I found myself watching My So-Called Life on the Sundance channel. OK so I’ve watched this show when I’ve been able to catch it in the past and for some reason I really like it. But after it was over I began surfing while A Film with Me in It (2008)” came on.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to the movie till I couldn’t find anything else on to watch. At first the film didn’t really catch my attention but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I soon found myself hooked in deep with it! It was gritty and quirky and strange and real. The real-life situations the characters were in I found very relatable. That kind of connection to a film doesn’t happen that often for me so this was a nice surprise.

The twists and turns of the film were awesome and I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time. So many things in the movie I did not expect. I thought that it was going to be some drab Sundance film where nothing interesting happens. I was so wrong!

Twists and turns and the unexpected was greatly appreciated. Now I am looking forward to the next quirky Sundance film to come on.

Sometimes it’s nice to walk on the wild side and try something new for a change. Besides, I’m growing rather tired of mainstream movies anyways.


No sense.

It’s a shame that so many public events where children are present there’s always beer involved. Can’t adults have a good time with friends and family outdoors without beer?

Milwaukee is big on all sorts of “fests” that they hold every summer. It’s great and I don’t have any problem with any of it. But I just hate that every one of them they make a big deal over the sale of beer! I understand that beer is a big deal in Milwaukee. But where’s the common sense in all of this? Can we just enjoy outdoor events sober? Can’t the intelligent class of Milwaukee society see the ignorance in making a big deal over beer? There’s other ways to make money and selling beer to ignorant people isn’t one of them.


Crime and Punishment. Truth.

If you commit a crime where you are found guilty it should be end of story, you get locked up! You should not get a lucky break or a “out-of-jail” free card merely because you have connections with a religious organization or school.

So many times we see these priests or coaches get away with terrible crimes merely because they are with a certain religion or school. The biggest offenders are the Catholic Priests. For centuries they have gotten away with molesting poor little boys while hiding under the Vatican’s skirt and that’s got to stop! How many more boys have will be subjected to horrible crimes before the secular world says STOP!?!

The same goes for these big named schools where coaches or teachers do horrible things to students and get away with it merely because the school has clout and money. It’s sick. Is this where our society has gone? Openly allowing the molesting of children all because of religion or money? We are just as guilty as the men who commit these crimes are.

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