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It's a Mad World.

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I'm not complicated, shallow or superficial. I'm a laid back, compassionate and caring kind of man who just want's to live a happy life. I like making friends and I enjoy meeting new people. All I ask for is respect, understanding and honesty from the friends I make. If all of that is met then you will get the same back in respect.

And since I do like making new friends I do have to make something abundantly clear. I like adding new people just as long as they are actually seeking the same things I am. I don't want to add people who are just out to collect friends. I'm not into that and once it's determined that I've added such people they'll be unfriended. I want active friends, not just silent faces on my profile.

If you understand this then thanks.
Furthermore, my biggest interest is the tropical fish hobby. I've always been a fish nut and will never lose interest in it. I'm also into gardening, tropical plants and drawing.
I'm also on Google+,Tumblr, Facebook and StumbleUpon.